Managing Partner | Dispute Resolution & Real Estate

Chrysanthos specialises in high value and complex disputes and litigation often involving commercial and property matters. Chrysanthos is also experienced in other areas, including Real Estate transactions, Corporate & Commercial matters and generally dealing with the various legal needs of wealthy private individuals and families. Chrysanthos works very closely with his clients seeking always to empathise with them, voice their instructions and concerns properly and build strong, long lasting relationships. He understands that discretion, commerciality and approachability are key factors for most if not all of his clients.

Areas of Practice

Chrysanthos undertakes work and is experienced in various areas of law, including:

  • Property Litigation (Member of the Property Litigation Association)
  • Civil & Commercial Litigation.
  • Private Wealth Matters & Disputes.
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate.
  • Matrimonial & Financial Remedy Proceedings.
  • Private Matters:  Wills, Powers of Attorney, Administration of Estates and Contentious Probate.
  • Company & Commercial Matters including: formation, structure and management of limited liability onshore and offshore companies and other entities, related company documents, contracts, agreements, employment matters and intellectual property protection and disputes.

Through his in house management company, Queens House UK Limited, (a non SRA Regulated entity), Chrysanthos and his other colleagues offer a range of property, company, trust and management services.


Chrysanthos is dedicated to his clients and always aims to build a respectable rapport and understanding with them; this enables him to provide proper and professional advice and representation at all times and he is always prepared to fight his client’s corner. He regularly deals with both domestic and offshore clients and is very familiar with offshore company structures and requirements. He also speaks Greek which he finds to be a great advantage when dealing with Greek speaking clients.


Notable Matters & Litigation

  • Acting for the Claimant in a profit share dispute,  claiming damages for breach of trust and contract arising out of a development of property in London, with potential damages in excess of £2.5million. Successfully negotiating favourable settlement before Trial.
  • Advising and acting for a borrower following an event of default of a Loan Agreement (secured against various assets including numerous classic cars) in a sum in excess of £17 million. Negotiating and finalising settlement, including acting for the borrower in relation to new lending over the assets, to prevent (further) enforcement action.
  • For certain parts/elements, acting for the Defendants in WWRT Ltd v Tyshchenko , a £65million claim relating to alleged fraud concerning a Ukrainian bank, including dealing with matters pertaining to a Worldwide Freezing Injunction.
  • Acting for a party in an acrimonious and sensitive dispute concerning: (1) the ownership of various entities and numerous high value property assets held on trust, ultimately situated in three jurisdictions; and (2) the re-payment of inter party loans. Issuing High Court proceedings for the return of circa £5million in loans. Conducting extensive, protracted and complex negotiations spanning a number of years. Concluding a ‘global’ settlement encompassing all entities and assets in all relevant jurisdictions.
  • Acting for an Employer in applying for and obtaining an Urgent Injunction in the High Court to prevent the disclosure and dissipation of confidential information misappropriated by a former employee and to prevent the solicitation of its clients. Subsequently issuing a claim for a permanent injunction and damages. Negotiating a positive settlement in the Employer’s favour including injunctions against the employee and their related business.
  • Acting for an Employer in successfully defending JCT Contact Construction dispute Adjudications (cumulatively in excess of £1.2million) and and High Court, Technology and Construction Courts (QBD) Adjudication Enforcement Proceedings brought by a Contractor. Successfully defending the Enforcement Proceedings at a 2.5 day hearing on the basis that the Adjudicator lacked jurisdiction to make the two Adjudications Decisions being enforced.
  • Advising and acting for landlord in respect of £7+ million dispute concerning a central London hotel valuation carried out by one of London’s leading hotel valuers. Handling complicated, protracted and detailed negotiations and agreeing a positive settlement.
  • Acting for debtor disputing the validity of a ‘Payment on Demand Clause’ in a Loan Agreement concerning a loan amount of over £100 million.
  • Successfully defending very acrimonious proceedings brought by a hostile landlord against its commercial tenant, a café, involving complex claims for breach of repair and other lease covenants, including alleged noise and odour nuisance, and including making a successful application for the claimant landlord to provide substantial security for the tenant’s costs, following non-payment of which the claim was struck out shortly before trial with full costs payable by the claimant.
  • Acting for the landlord in the eviction of a tenant of premises on Kensington High Street comprising of 29 units let as serviced apartments. Successfully obtaining possession and money judgment for rent arrears in excess of £350,000.
  • Acting for a commercial tenant in Defending proceedings and negotiating a highly favourable settlement in respect of a acrimonious high value damages claim and claim for an injunction issued by a residential neighbour claiming noise and odour nuisance.
  • Acting for the landlord in successfully obtaining possession from the hotel operator of 30 bedroom hotel situated on the Knightsbridge.
  • Defending proceedings brought by a tenant against an estate agent and landlord claiming wrongful eviction, damages and reinstatement into the property. Successfully defending proceedings on behalf of the estate agent and successfully defending two subsequent appeals brought by the tenant in the High Court.
  • Defending claim for possession by mortgagee in respect of multiple properties situated in London which were purchased in 1996 in Greek drachma. Successfully agreeing settlement (70% reduction of claim amount) and discharge of all related mortgages.
  • Defending High Court proceedings by mortgagee against a personal guarantor of a loan secured against a property in the sum of £6.4 million.
  • Defending High Court proceedings for a purported breach by a debtor of a Loan Agreement in the sum of £3.5 million.
  • Acting for a Respondent in successfully dismissing a Bankruptcy Petition issued by HMRC, following the service of a Statutory Demand, in the sum over £300,000 plus interest and penalties in respect of allegedly undeclared taxable income; includes making an application for, and obtaining, permission to appeal against HMRC’s decision out of time from the First-Tier Tribunal (Tax). Negotiating  a highly favourable settlement ensuring the debtor client was able to retain his assets.
  • Generally acting for commercial landlords and tenants as regards ending and renewing business tenancies, predominantly prime central London property; and in respect of: forfeiture of leases; rent arrears; other breaches of lease terms; and enforcement.

Notable Transactions

  • Advising and acting for a purchaser in the purchase of the entire issued share capital in two offshore companies holding property assets in excess of £9.8million.
  • Advising and acting for the 100% shareholder in the sale of its shares held in an offshore company holding property assets in excess of £95million.
  • Advising and acting for a borrower in a £24million loan secured against a classic car collection and various real estate assets.
  • Acting for the borrower in taking a loan in the sum of £15 million secured over a collection of 37 classic cars worth in excess of £40 million.
  • Acting for a borrower company in taking a loan in the sum of £17 million secured over a collection of classic cars.
  • Assisted in the purchase of 50 Pall Mall for £61 million.
  • Assisted in the purchase of 23 Savile Row for £277.5 million.
  • Acting for the 100% shareholder in the sale of its shares held in an offshore company holding hotel/property assets in excess of £15 million.
  • Assisted in the purchase of the Brunswick Shopping Centre for £135 million.
  • Assisted in the complex acquisition of mixed use iconic building in North London for £14.6 million.
  • Acting for the borrower in taking a loan secured over multiple properties in the sum of above £35 million.


Education & Qualification

Chrysanthos Protopapas LLB graduated in Law from The University of Reading in 2011 and completed his Legal Practice Course at the College of Law, London in 2012. Chrysanthos completed his training at Protopapas LLP, qualified as a solicitor in April 2014 and was made partner in September 2016 and Managing Partner in 2021.

Pro Bono

Chrysanthos welcomes various students to the firm, providing them with work experience and support to assist with their career progression.


Further, Chrysanthos offers his time and undertakes work for various charities to assist with legal and other matters, wherever he can. Through various donations, the firm regularly supports and sponsors various charities each year.


Chrysanthos is also a Trustee of and very much invovled with the day to day operations of The Xenophon Protopapas Foundation, a registered charity established in memory of the firm’s late founder, to continue his benevolence and support to the community and beyond.


If you wish to contact Chrysanthos please call our main line number on 020 7636 2100 or send an e-mail to

Charles Darwin once said that “a man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life”. I am a true believer of this saying, both in my profession and personal life.

Chrysanthos Protopapas