Hotels, Hospitality & Leisure

At Protopapas LLP our Real Estate expertise extends to the Hotel sector and in particular, central London boutique hotels. We act for both domestic and international hoteliers.

We can assist you with:

  • Purchase or Sale of Freehold or Leasehold Hotel Premises and Associated Business
  • Leasing of Hotel Premises Including Leases Subject to Works
  • Licences for Alterations
  • Hotel Management Agreements
  • Financing and Re-Financing
  • Section 146 Notice and Related Issues
  • Construction Contracts
  • Employment Contracts and Contracts for Senior Level Staff Members
  • Ongoing Employee Management and Staff Issues
  • Disputes with Guests and Staff Members
  • Negotiation and Preparation of Commercial Contracts
  • Trade Marks and Branding

In addition to Hotels, we have the necessary and appropriate experience to advise on and deal with matters relating to the hospitality and leisure industry including associated real estate assets. This includes a wide variety of clients and property which extends to restaurants, bars, night clubs, coffee shops, public houses, gyms, cinemas, theatres, high street retail shops and more.
We are regularly instructed by Landlords who rent to the hospitality & leisure industry. Through our many years of experience, we have come to understand the complex issues which often arise and as such, pay very close attention to detail in each an every matter.
We also have specialist solicitors on hand who deal with purchases and/or sales of properties and associated businesses; in particular, restaurants and other such establishments.