Classic Cars

Owning a classic car (or a collection) is more than a hobby; it’s an investment and a passion. We have come to understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with classic car ownership, especially as the classic car market has risen exponentially in recent years.


Our services relating to classic cars include:

  • Acquisition and Ownership: the process of purchasing a classic car is not overly complex. However, many clients require due diligence to be undertaken in respect of the seller, the ownership of the vehicle and whether or not it has existing finance on it. We can assist with conducting various searches in this respect.

  • Financing & Refinancing: we have been regularly invovled in the financing and re-financing of classic car collections with specialist lenders. We provide guidance on securing loans and leveraging your car’s value with reputable lenders who understand the market and the asset class. We deal with and negotiate the relevant agreements, including Hire Purchase Agreements, Pledges and more. Refinancing classic cars also usually involves specialist valuers and also taking into consideration what physical security measures will be put in place to ensure that the cars are well maintained and stored in a safe and suitable environment.

  • Disputes: disputes can arise from various aspects of classic car ownership, including fraudulent sales, sales with existing lending, breach of contract, failure to deliver or damages on delivery or restoration and maintenance disagreements. Disputes may also arise following a default in payment of loan instalments which can, in some cases, result enforcement action and even in the loss of the vehicle(s). We can handle these disputes efficiently, whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation. We aim to protect your interests and resolve conflicts with minimal disruption to your enjoyment of your classic car.

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