Auction Sales and Purchases

Auctions present a captive opportunity for both buyers and sellers to engage in swift transactions within a competitive property market. They are not suitable for all properties, but auctioneers have for many years been very successful in selling properties at auction. However, auction sales and purchases require attention to detail to ensure a seamless and successful outcome. We offer comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of our clients attending auctions.
For sellers, our team of experienced solicitors excels in preparing auction packs that are well presented and provide sufficient information for buyers to investigate the property properly and enhance its marketability and appeal. We find that where there is a well prepared auction pack, there is a better chance that there will be more interest in the property and consequently, a better chance that it is sold.
On the buyer’s side, we review auction packs to identify any potential issues with the property. If possible, we also raise further enquiries with the seller’s solicitors. We will then prepare a report to our clients, so that they are as informed as they can be before entering into the auction. This is especially valuable if the buyer is intending on raising a loan to assist with the purchase.
If our clients are successful at auction, either buying or selling, then we will deal with post auction formalities to complete the transaction.